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Tattoos don’t need to be forever. Situations change and people change. What served to inspire you years ago may now spur negative emotions or hinder your role as a professional or a parent.

It is estimated that nearly half of people with tattoos eventually want one or all of their tattoos removed. Today’s technology allows tattoo removal specialists like Dr. Jeannie Tsai to safely and effectively reduce or eliminate tattoo pigment from all skin types. With the success of laser tattoo removal, you can now clean the slate.
View tattoo removal before and after pictures to see results of tattoo removal by Dr. Tsai, and then call 415-885-2737 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Tsai will examine your tattoo and determine if it is an appropriate candidate for the laser treatment and discuss pricing with you.

Dr. Tsai is an experienced professional specializing in tattoo removal by laser. She founded her first tattoo removal clinic in Los Angeles in 2001 and has performed thousands of tattoo removal procedures to date, including procedures on almost all ethnic skin types.

Laser Tattoo Removal Process

Laser Tattoo Removal is a process that may take a series of five to fifteen treatments spaced every eight weeks over a period of at least a year or more to completely resolve.

During treatments, laser energy is used to break down the ink particles of your tattoo so that the particles are small enough to be absorbed by your body. Effective treatment may cause temporary blistering of the skin in the treatment area, and the treatment area will be itchy while the ink is being absorbed.

The success of tattoo removal varies by location, skin tone and the type of ink used to color the tattoo. The easiest inks to remove using laser tattoo removal are black or dark green, unprofessional tattoos including many gang or prison tattoos that use india ink, and tattoos in areas with significant body fat. Certain colors are particularly difficult to remove and many tattoos remain as a ghost or very light shadow image of the original tattoo after completion of the process.

Dr. Tsai is extremely familiar with the effects of specific lasers on specific tattoos. Through her experience and study, she is aware of several tattoo removal lasers used in the tattoo removal industry that she considers to be completely ineffective. SF Aesthetics and Laser Center is dedicated to client safety and satisfaction and uses only the best-suited and highest quality treatment equipment.

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